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Throughout the years, our teeth can begin to look less aesthetic. Some of us have experienced dental trauma, suffered from severe tooth decay or grinded away our teeth at night causing us to evaluate our need for cosmetic dentistry. Palm Springs cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sales, is an accomplished professional with over a decade of experience at helping patients come up with the best plan to restore their smile.

At Affinity Dentistry of Palm Springs, we believe that cosmetic dentistry is very important. We acknowledge that an attractive, healthy smile can positively influence one’s success in their professional relationships as well as their personal interactions. Dr. Sales believes that a little cosmetic dentistry can go a long way in making people look younger and healthier.

Our Palm Springs cosmetic dentist enjoys collaborating with patients and figuring out what works best for them whether it be veneers, teeth whitening, dentures, crowns or dental implant restorations.

Some of the more sought after cosmetic dentistry treatments our Palm Springs dentist offers are described below:
Veneers – Sometimes called Instant Orthodontics, cosmetic dentist Dr. Sales uses minimally invasive veneers that require little to no preparation. This means, no drilling or re-surfacing the natural tooth is required for our veneers. Veneers are placed over chipped, broken or stained teeth to give them a picture perfect look.

In-Office Teeth Whitening – The use of a bleaching agent and special lighting to fade tooth stains leaving teeth to appear 1-8 shades whiter.
Dentures – Dentures replace missing teeth. They are created to fit comfortably into patient’s mouths who has multiple missing or no teeth. (Also ask Dr. Sales about stabilizing dentures with dental implant supported dentures.)

Dental Crowns – A crown is used as the last effort to save the tooth. A tooth shaped “crown” is placed completely around what is left of the damaged tooth to stabilize and strengthen the tooth structure. A tooth is always crowned after a root canal. They are also often utilized when large chunks of previous fillings have fallen out leaving the natural tooth weak and brittle.

Dental Implant Restorations – Used to replace missing teeth, cosmetic dentist Dr. Sales refers patients to an Oral Surgeon or Periodontist to have their dental implants placed. This process entails a titanium post to be implanted into the jaw bone.  Once it has been placed by a specialist, Dr. Sales will crown the implant with a fake tooth giving it an incredible natural look. Dental implants are permanent and can give patients the ability to eat and chew as if they were never missing teeth.  A patient looking for dental implants should first see their general dentist before having a specialist implant the post.

Dental Bridge – Bridges are used to replace a missing tooth that has adjacent teeth of which the bridge can be attached too. It is non-invasive and an alternative to a dental implant.

If you have any questions about cosmetic dentistry in Palm Springs or the Palm Desert area, contact us at Affinity Dentistry today. 


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